Welcome in the holy Name of Jesus!

Things change so quickly in our world today and the temptation is very great to try and keep up with what is new and trendy. As the Bible teaches, though, God’s Word “endures forever” just as it is. (1 Peter 1:25)

What does that Word say? Well, it first says that you are not perfect. God says that you are supposed to be as holy, as perfect as He is…but as you know yourself – if you’re being honest – you are not perfect. And that’s something that’s hard to hear especially when you learn from the Bible what must happen to you if you are not perfect: eternal death forever in hell. Hard as this message is, though, we must hear it. Why? Because – as when being told you have a terrible disease – then something can be done about it in order to make you whole!

What can be done about this? Nothing…by you. No, rather the Good News is that everything has been done for you by Jesus Christ. He is God and He chose to become a Man, born of the Virgin Mary. He did this because He loves the world He created and He wants everyone to be given life with Him forever in heaven.

 So, because He loved you, He came and lived a perfect life – absolutely perfect in every way – and gives that life to you by Baptism. He came and suffered the hell you deserved up on the cross to pay what you owed because of your sin. He rose from the dead on the third day and now comes to you in His Word, comes to give you everything that He did so that you wouldn’t have to be afraid of death and hell anymore.

This is the message and it doesn’t change. It’s an “old school” kind of message and Trinity Lutheran Church is an “old school” kind of place. We gather around the things Jesus has set up to give us His love. When we do this, we act in the way that the Christian Church always has, believing that God Himself is here with us: with reverence that fits being in the presence of the Creator of the universe!

Come, find out more and enjoy being where things aren’t tied to the day’s fashion, but are rather tied to your true needs…which never really change. Come, join us at Trinity Lutheran Church where you will be welcomed in the Name of Him who has saved you, Jesus Christ!